3 Differences Between HTML5 and Flash Games


Html5 Games vs Flash Games


Let’s Discover the Differences Between HTML5 and Flash Games!




Online gamers don’t usually concern themselves with the working and functioning techniques of online browser games, but did you know that digging deep into the world of free games can reveal of the world of geeky mysteries and tricky codes. So, the next time you feel like getting lost in the world of nerve-wracking and exhilarating free games, step out of your zone a little and think beyond the game.

Think of the software instead, spare a little thought for the software developers who burn the night oil to write, design, and develop the code of the game that you are madly hooked on to. Read on to know more about the subtle differences between the software applications that drive the game and flaunt the knowledge to your fellow gamers. Here’s to being uber cool, trendy, and geeky to the core.


What is Flash?


Barry Allen fans might be disappointed a bit, because Flash, here, is the software technology, not the hot and lightning-fast superhero who saves girls next door. However, if you have noticed objects and images in motion on your computer screen, then that’s Flash in action. It is a software application which the developers employ for the creation of animated graphics from computer games. For almost 99% of the Internet users, Flash comes pre-installed in the machine, and so you can play flash games online without any hassle.

The creator and caretaker of the Flash system, Adobe, has declared the phasing out of the software platform by 2020. The company Adobe is gearing up to revamp Flash into Animate CC in the hope that people will embrace newer and more secure technologies like HTML5 for playing online browser games and modernized HTML5 games.


What is HTML5?


Anyone who has had a brush with computer science must know that HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is a computer language that is used for the structuring and presentation of web content in the form of documents. For instance, the page that you are reading now is written in HTML code. It is the language that the computer understands and uses to communicate with you online. It is slightly more complicated than this little explanation, but no point in churning out intricate details so here goes nothing.

Check out the differences now, and learn more about the online games that people play.


The differences between Html5 and Flash games




Web browsers cannot render or run free games online created with flash or flash games if you do not have flash player installed in your system. This feature poses to be a disadvantage as mobile phones do not have a pre-installed flash player. So you cannot play these flash games online from any other device but your computer.

The HTML5 games can be rendered or run by every web browser that exists. So you can play the best HTML5 games on any device from anywhere in the world that has a steady internet connection.


2-Features and tools


Flash is the property of Adobe, and so it becomes costly for developers to create flash games using tools that belong to Adobe. HTML5 is free and open for all users and developers, which means that any company can design HTML5 tools for developers to create new games for free.


3-Improvement in performance


In spite of the repeated improvements, using Flash can be problematic at times, especially for macOS users. The problem occurs as the CPU usage rate of Flash is very high, causing the machine to get overheated in a short time while playing the flash games.

HTML5 games go easy on the CPU. They are quick and modernized and do not have to work too hard to process the gamer information. Play online browser games of HTML5 to have fun without making the CPU breathe fire like a dragon.


The differences between Html5 and Flash Games in a nutshell:

GamesAgeBrowserCostProcessingAV supportMobile compatibility
HTML5NewAny browserFree and open sourceLowLack of in-built supportExcellent
FlashLaggingPlug-ins requiredCostlyVery highExcellent supportNone


Html5 Games vs Flash Games Infographic




With Adobe phasing out Flash by 2020, it does not matter which technology is better for gaming or developing gaming software. Flash gamer are plagued with constant crashes and system breakdowns. While the HTML5 gamers find it smooth and more enjoyable to stay glued to the game.

(So all the Flash games lovers can now switch to HTML5 games to play their favorite games such as Stickman, Adam and Eve, and Moto X3M and play them on your Smartphone, PC, Tablet, and Smart TV with ease.)

Infographic source : Onemorelevel.